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Geelong AFL Masters


Grinter Reserve Oval

Moolap Victoria 3224, Australia

Summer 9's FAQ's 

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Player Registration

• All players are required to complete registration and indemnity form prior to playing their first game. No pay, No play.

• A $50 entry fee per player applies to cover the cost of insurance, playing singlet, first aid supplies/tape, ground hire (Elderslie Recreation Reserve, Newtown), umpires & awards

• Entry fees are to be paid together with player registration online at our membership store



• The games will consist of 2 × 20min halves with a minimum of 4 games per night  

• 8 teams will play each other twice (8 games) followed by a final’s series.

• Players are encouraged to hang around and enjoy a beer or soft drink while supporting the other games. Bondy’s Bar drinks will be available every game night and a BBQ will occur regularly throughout the season and on Finals Night. All profits from Bondy’s Bar will go to a chosen charity.

• If there are additional players available in each side, the captains will be consulted on playing 10 per side (extra midfielder) to enable greater participation.

• 6pm teams will be required to supply two goal umpires and a scorer for 7pm games 7pm teams will be required to supply two goal umpires and a scorer for 6pm games




1. ELIGIBILITY Unless agreed by the Organisers, all teams are to be made up of over 35’s players. Each team can have only 1 player over 30 years of age per team on the field at any one time

2. TIME a) Two 20 min Halves b) 5 min Half-time

3. THE TEAM 9 Players (3 forward, 3 centre and 3 backs). Up to 9 interchange players, who may be changed at any time

4. PLAYING GROUND 100m x 50m Rectangle. 3m Centre Circle, 9m Goal ‘Square’. Scoring can only occur within the 35m line from goals

5. SCORING ZONE Only kicks originating or touched inside an arc 35 metres from goals registered as scores. A penalty kick from kick-off line will be given to the defensive team for illegal scores

6. START OF PLAY a) Ball-up in the centre of the ground, only 1 player from each team may contest from any direction. b) Only centre-line players are allowed in the centre zone at a ball-up (penalty free-kick at centre circle). c) After a goal, the ball is restarted as in part a). Centre bounce

7. OUT OF BOUNDS Ball returned to play by team who didn’t touch ball last.

8. RUCKING a) 1 only player from each side may contest a ball-up (penalty free-kick for infringement). b) No raised knee or boot in ruck (penalty free-kick for infringement)

9. MARKING A player in front competing for a mark is to be given every protection and opportunity to take a mark. No Raised knee or boot, early, late or front-on interference (penalty free-kick for infringement)

10. PLAYER PROTECTION All players making the ball the objective is to be given the utmost protection by umpire. a) UNDULY ROUGH PLAY is any contact other than a legal side bump or legal tackle between knee and shoulder (penalty free-kick for infringement) b) SLINGING players to the ground whether in possession or not is illegal (penalty free-kick down field).

11. PENALTIES a) All penalties are a free-kick to the greatest advantage of the team infringed against. b) LATE CONTACT in any form, when the ball has been disposed of, will result in a relayed free kick being paid down the field. c) 15 METRE PENALTY against the offending player for acts of crude play, wasting time, arguing with umpire decisions etc. d) ORDER OFF RULE applies with send-off period of 5 mins - with replacement allowed

12. BLOOD RULE As per AFL rules

13. FINALS In the event of a tie at full-time in a finals match, the teams change ends immediately, play 3 mins extra time each way. If still a tie at the end of extra time, captains toss for ends and first score wins.

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AFL Victoria - "Return to Training & Playing Protocols", Nov 4, 2021.

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