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Geelong AFL Masters


Grinter Reserve Oval

Moolap Victoria 3224, Australia

Geelong AFL Masters Summer 9's Player Registration Form

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In order to play Summer 9's this year, both player registration and payment need to be completed at the same time. All registrations/payments must be completed ASAP online.


Registration and payment is a one step process. By Registering and completing payment on the site ( you consent and agree to the terms and conditions of the sale and the membership registration to play Summer 9’s  for Season 2021/22 as run by Geelong AFL Masters “The Club”, as detailed below.

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President: Jeff Brooks

​0409 525 038

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Once you have completed payment your registration will be submitted for team allocation, unless you have nominated for a registered team.


I, as the registered player of this Summer 9’s Season 2021/22 playing membership of the address submitted, consent as a member/player of Geelong Superules Inc, trading as “Geelong AFL Masters” and “The Geelong Summer 9’s” (“The Club”) agree to be bound by the following:


1. As a member/player I am responsible for the provision of my own Accident, Life, Income Protection & Health Insurance covers.

2. I understand "The Club" has basic insurance cover for the following:

* Public Liability: $20,000,000 any one claim

* Products Liability: $20,000,000 any one claim

* Professional Indemnity: $1,000,000 any one claim

* Directors & Officers Liability: $1,000,000 any one claim

* I understand the above insurances are provided by AFL Masters VicMetro. Superules Football Association Inc. Of which "The Club" is a member and is not provided by "The Club" itself.

3. I understand "The Club" is not responsible for processing any insurance claims or covers for me.

4. I intend to have a great time being a member/player of "The Club" and accept that any risk associated with being a member/player of "The Club" is my responsibility.

5. I, the named player in the purchase of this membership, agree not to issue any claims against "The Club", Committee or members now or in the future.

6. I agree to indemnify "The Club", Committee, or Members if somebody issues claim against any of them in connection with injury, loss or damage I suffer or cause.

7. If I participate in a game, I agree to be deemed to have accepted voluntarily all and any risks associated with playing sport on the playing Surface and it's associated equipment. 

8. I acknowledge and consent to my image or video being used for promotional purposes by Geelong AFL Masters, unless I I notify the club in writing prior to the start of the season. I understand that the club will not pass my image or video onto any third party unless my express consent to do so is given.


In accepting this agreement by payment & registration of my personal details, I acknowledge that this is my acceptance as my signature electronically and I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above terms and requirements and hereby agree to be bound by all such terms, conditions and requirements.


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